Hackers Go After NASA With A DDoS Attack

Anonymous has decided to go after NASA because they believe NASA is hiding critical information from the public and they want NASA to release this information.  The attack started on Sunday night by two group called New World Hacking and AnonCorruption where they attacked the main website of NASA and email servers using a Distributed Denial of Service attack.

The hacker group believes NASA is holding critical information about ISIS group from the public but the group fails to provide any details about this secret that NASA is withholding from the public.    According to one of the member of the New World Hacking group, “We believe NASA is holding back information on many things, not just one.”  The member goes on to say, “We won’t tell the public what we think they are hiding – we will let NASA explain.”

The attack was part of the larger campaign called Operation Censorship and the attack on NASA was just a trial run according to the group.  They plan to release a large attack on April 1st and this time they will be targeting Donald Trump.

NASA didn’t offer any information on the attack but according to the group, they were able to affect the website and email services.  At this point, it is hard to tell how the attack will lead to releasing of information.  Furthermore, NASA tolerated the attack well due to the DDoS Protection that protects the entire network.  DDoS attacks are being used as a type of citizen protest but DDoS protection providers like Psychz, Staminus, Incapsula etc are able to mitigate large attacks and they are staying a step ahead.  These attacks are giving rise to a market just like malware/viruses gave rise a Anti-Virus market.

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